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The real estate sector makes a great contribution to Turkish economy with its dynamic structure. The success of the sector lies in making accurate analyzes that will balance supply and demand. Real Estate and Property Consultancy organizations are those who ensure this. The increasingly expanding portfolio of sector is driving the agents to specialize in specific fields. This can only be possible through training. The most important factor that carries a company to the future is not the number of human resources it has, but the knowledge and skills it possess. Training is the process of making the change necessary for an individual's behavior with his/her own desire. The time of a qualified real estate agent is precious and his/her job is not just showing the available properties. He/she knows how to manage crisis. He/she knows how to evaluate the property price not only by the unit price per square meter, but also by location, structural characteristics and market analysis. He/she has sufficient knowledge of relevant legislation. Stepping from these truths, Realty World Turkey Family ensures that its brokers and agents are equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to resolve the challenges they will face in market conditions from the most basic to the highest level of information. Basic, intermediate and advanced trainings are given by trainers who are experts in their areas. Though your goal is to be the boss of your own business, you will aim to be successful at the end of the day and win more. Realty World gives you the key to succeeding and winning together, as well as being your own business owner.